The Emotion Experts

Development, Production, Rent & Sale Of Individual Musical Performances With Showlasertechnology, Musical Dancing Waterfountains, 3D-Projections With Lasers & Video Onto Waterscreens, Fireflames, Various Fragrances, Video, Wind, Snow, Sound & Smoke


„Let Your Guests Make The Experience Of The Unexpected.“

Can I Take Just Modules Which Match Best With My Concept?

Yes. All Of The Modules Are Developed In The Way They Can Be Combined In All Of The Different Ways You Can Imagine.


Do You Have Shows On Stock Which I Can Use Very Easy For My Purpose?

Oxygon Has A Big Pool Containing Ready Shows. Additional You Can Include e.g. Your Logo.


Is It Also Possible To Realize A Show For A Small Number Of Persons?

The Number Of Spectators Or Visitors Has No Effect For The Quality Of The Show.


What Is The Maximum Number Of Spectators?

Only The Available Space Makes The Difference Of The Maximum Number Of Spectators. If You Have More Space Available, Where The People Can Stand, You Can Serve More Of Them. Oxygon Just Realized Open-Air-Shows Where Over 500,000 Spectators On One Evening Enjoyed The Show.


How Save Is The Show?

The Complete Equipment And Additional The Shows Have All Been Checked By The German TÜV A Lot Of Times. Also, The Technicians Or Operators Did Make Special Safety Trainings.


Where Can I See Your Shows?

In Our Show Room. Please Contact Us So We Can Tell You The Nearest Possibility To View Our Show.

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