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Development, Production, Rent & Sale Of Individual Musical Performances With Showlasertechnology, Musical Dancing Waterfountains, 3D-Projections With Lasers & Video Onto Waterscreens, Fireflames, Various Fragrances, Video, Wind, Snow, Sound & Smoke


Water Art - Water and Art

Here you will find unique art machines that are either operated by the power of water or show the mysterious phenomena caused by water.

The effects on this sites enjoy exploring the power of water to produce astounding effects from minimal forces. They are designed to deconstruct the water’s movement moment by moment capturing every facet of its liquid state.

Water always moves quickly to a conventional state so many of the conditions achieved through this art machines are rare and mostly unknown. The sculptures work to inspire the viewer with a new vision or recapture of hardly remembered moment from his or her past.

It’s a known fact that water will always find its own way. All the sculptures are designed to make the most of the medium’s stored energy to start in motion processes that often lead to unpredictable outcomes. This ability is most clearly seen in the machines that have been designed for interactive play.

The interactive machines are often humorous and playful encouraging the viewer to open their imaginations to the joy and pleasure of playing with water and experimenting with its powers. Once the mechanics of the sculpture have been learned the viewer becomes the artist creating new art with the forces of water, balance and gravity.

Light is integral to this effects. The sculptures are regularly enhanced by the subtle use of light. This heightens the viewers’ perceptions of the magic taking place before their eyes. Only white light is ever used to show the miracles that are achieved by water’s very lack of form and colour.

Singing Water

Water Anemone

Water Monster

Quiet Waterbeam

Water Melodies


Water YoYo


Water Planes

Water Speaker