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Development, Production, Rent & Sale Of Individual Musical Performances With Showlasertechnology, Musical Dancing Waterfountains, 3D-Projections With Lasers & Video Onto Waterscreens, Fireflames, Various Fragrances, Video, Wind, Snow, Sound & Smoke




Each show is custom designed and can be realized both indoor and outdoor (even floating in the river, sea, lake, ...). The length of the waterfountain-effect-technique and the height of the watereffects can be tuned and fitted by the needs of the customer. Almost every waternozzle can be adjusted sperately by height and arranged by an angle of 8 degree in every direction.

You can choose just your favourite music CD, and the Oxygon team arranges a musically choreographed and synchronised musical waterfountain show exactly for this music.

All the waterfountain effects and the complete show is developed, designed and produced by emotion and sensory specialists from Oxygon with many years of worldwide experience.

You can see a live show and the technique of all Oxygon material in one of our studios after making an appointment.

Please, call us therefore.

28 large pictures of waterfountainshows (at the German Website)

some Impressions of the setup and the show of watereffects (on the German Website)



promised 100% customer satisfaction guarantee