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İşin nevi’ne göre ayrılmış; Müzik Senkronlu ve Lazer Teknolojisi ile donatılmış GÖSTERİLER, Müzikli SU OYUNLARI (SU ORGU), SU PERDESİ üzerine yansıtılmış ÜÇ BOYUTLU LAZER ve VİDEO PROJEKSİYONLARI, ATEŞ TOPU, KOKU YAYMA, VİDEO, RÜZGAR, KAR, SİS ve DUMAN


The Technology Of Water Screens


A Vertical Surface Out Of Pure Water Standing In The Middle Of The Aeria Serves As An Effective Display Which Can Be Switched On Or Off In Seconds. Because Of The Usual Darkness During A Show This Thin Water Wall Is Almost Unvisible. What Is Most Interesting With This Type Of Water Display Is The Video/Film, Slide And Laser Images Projected Onto This Wall Of Water Appear Almost Holographic And Three Dimensional.

Additional, This Projections Can Be Revalued With Dynamic Laser Effects That “Glitter” And Interact With The Video/Film And Slide Projections For An Electric Combination Of Visuals.

As An Example Of he Exciting Possibilities, Film Imagery Such As Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, etc., Projected Onto The Water Screen In The Middle Of A Pond Or Lagoon Can Appear To Make The Pond Or Lagoon Come Alive With Whales, Dophins, Fishes, etc., “Jumping” Out Of The Water. Performers On Video/Film Can Appear To Be Dancing On The Water And Be Floating On The Screen.

These Techniques Have Been Incorporated With Award Winning Results For The Sky Plaza Shopping In Pusan, Korea (Indoor) And The Taman Festival Park In Bali, Indonesia (Outdoor) From Our Californian Partnercompany. Also, They Installed The First Water Screen Projection As A Front Outdoor Feature At The Luxor Hotel In Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Size Of Such A Water Screen Can Be Adjusted For Each Segment Between 50m x 20m (At Wind Calm).

For The Use Of Water Screens At Difficult Situations Oxygon Uses Different Security Preventive Measures. So A Water Screen Can Even Be Used Without Any Problems On Parquet.



Waterscreentech nology

Waterfountains (Waterorgans)




Pictures from outdoor waterscreens (watershields)

The Magic Waterdrop-Wonder

Jump Jets (The Flying Watersausages)

The original amazing waterfountaineffect from Las Vegas

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