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Projection Onto Waterscreens


Onto A Huge Vertical Pure Water Surface (Which Serves As A 3D-Screen) Graphics With Lasers, Slideprojectors, Videoprojectors And Lightscanners can be projected. Also, For Generating This Waterscreen, A Mobile Water Bassin Will Be Used, Or The Waterscreen Is Built In The Bassin Of The Musical Waterfountains. This System Also Woks In “Roll-Over” Mode.

Oxygon offers you a waterscreen which is good for both laser and video/slide projection because of its big homogenousity (on the next site you can see the difference of the picture quality for our two versions of waterscreens). It is a special invention by Oxygon. It is also very silent because of the light water falling onto the watersurface. The water film is so thin that it is almost invisible (at darkness it is completely invisible), so you will see only the projected images onto it which look like floating in the air.

Please notice that due to physics waterscreens are best for rear projection. If you want to do front projection, you will get only maximum about 10% of the effect of a rear projection at the same projector power.

For projecting onto a waterscreen it is a good advice to keep the aeria of the waterscreen as dark as possible. If you have sunlight or other powerful lighting onto the waterscreen, you will get bad results by seeing nothing. If you know that you have to project onto the waterscreen in cases where the surrounding light will be interfering Oxygon highly recommends a very powerful projector.

Also, you have to know that a waterscreen works as an "air humidification" system, which will make the water from the bassin disappear. So you must take care that the water level will always be at the minimum point.

Additional, a waterscreen acts as a good air filter. This means, that according to the surrounding air quality it can be necessary to replace the filter inset maybe each two or three days (or even more often).


A green illuminated indoor waterscreen (picture from the bottom)



Waterscreentech nology

Waterfountains (Waterorgans)





On this picture you can see the transparency of the waterscreen - you can look through clearly (left and right you can see the hoses for water supply)


two different versions of the waterscreen quality

Pictures from outdoor waterscreens (watershields)

The Magic Waterdrop-Wonder

Jump Jets (The Flying Watersausages)

The original amazing waterfountaineffect from Las Vegas

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