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Development, Production, Rent & Sale Of Individual Musical Performances With Showlasertechnology, Musical Dancing Waterfountains, 3D-Projections With Lasers & Video Onto Waterscreens, Fireflames, Various Fragrances, Video, Wind, Snow, Sound & Smoke


100% satisfaction guaranty for Oxygon products and services

Assay us before you hire or buy anything from Oxygon - without any risk !

You can be sure that Oxygon serves your needs exactly by the way you expect. You can supervise the work for your hire or sale product in the Oxygon Multi-Sense-Studios, where everything is set up ready for examination.

This means, you make an appointment, and you can see the show and the technique live which we use for your show and your products. This is for no costs for you. Just make sure we have enough time for you at the scheduled appointment by simply give us a call.

Also, the production of your custom made products can be supervised by you or your assistant live at the Oxygon Studios. You see how we are working in the way you expect, and you can observe every single task. This chance enables you to make some changes in you planned procedure of the event, too.

At hiring Oxygon the whole show production will be pre-produced in the huge Oxygon Studios. At the final location where you rent the equipment and the technicians of Oxygon there are only necessary some small adjustments regarding to the aeria.

This means, you have 100% certainness that your great day will look quite the same way you have imagined it. You needn´t worry if things will happen like you have planned it. You just can be sure that Oxygon makes your imagines true in the way you like it and satisfies you exactly.

Do you know a better way how we can make you guaranteed 100% pleased? If so, please, let us know.